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Tales of a Journey: Recap

With media consumption being so fast nowadays, actual news in the form of reports get slower. I mean by that, that by the time I get to order my thoughts and write some satisfying text about it, everything is already on Strava and other social media platforms and the focus as shifted to the next topic already. There is something I promised though which I want to talk about now, namely our bike trip with Nicole from St.Antönien to Istanbul.
Nicole said in her report that I would write some more words about anecdotes, so I guess a bit more than a month later is the right time to start. Articles will follow, but maybe before that, and just to as an annex to a scientific article could be, you want the raw experimental numbers in a table. So here is a recap sparing words:

DateNameDistanceElevationTime movingTime elapsedAvg speedMax speedAvg powerMax powerNPStrava
2022-Sept-8St.Antönien - Merano173.7km2897m7h30'16"9h8'11"23.2km/h65.8km/h172W565W210W7780480886
2022-Sept-9Merano - Cortina d'Ampezzo134.9km2786m6h42'22"8h3'7"20.1km/h65.6km/h169W487W198W7785758323
2022-Sept-10Cortina d'Ampezzo - Udine155.2km1337m5h39'39"7h31'14"27.4km/h72.9km/h146W449W216W7791410417
2022-Sept-11Udine - Rijeka163.1km1151m6h8'58"7h58'39"26.5km/h62.3km/h151W422W178W7796278088
2022-Sept-12Rijeka - Seline183.1km1790m6h42'56"8h17'40"27.3km/h61.2km/h166W449W193W7801834220
2022-Sept-13Seline - Split165.2km1346m6h45'41"8h48'21"24.4km/h53.5km/h155W362W217W7807706753
2022-Sept-14Split - Neum151.3km1502m6h22'27"8h34'43"23.7km/h48.1km/h160W404W187W7812875234
2022-Sept-15Neum - Dubrovnik67.4km623m2h51'17"3h37'4"23.6km/h48.1km/h162W408W193W7817250535
2022-Sept-17Dubrovnik - Bar152.1km1672m5h56'19"7h37'19"25.6km/h59.9km/h173W446W204W7828636843
2022-Sept-18Bar - Bulqizë173.3km1941m7h26'31"9h19'54"23.3km/h49.6km/h153W550W188W7833853277
2022-Sept-19Bulqizë - Skopje175.6km1423m6h58'57"8h46'37"25.1km/h57.6km/h154W450W181W7839068037
2022-Sept-20Skopje - Kyustendil130.3km1872m5h58'41"7h50'32"21.8km/h58.3km/h147W399W180W7844479491
2022-Sept-21Kyustendil - Sofia84km984m3h38'47"4h14'41"23km/h57.2km/h146W373W174W7848623659
2022-Sept-23Sofia - Sadanski180.2km1671m7h11'17"9h4'23"25.1km/h57.3km/h163W467W191W7859539092
2022-Sept-24Sadanski - Kavala160.2km1354m6h3'53"8h1'17"26.4km/h57km/h157W391W185W7865770917
2022-Sept-25Kavala - Alexandroupoli165.8km1033m6h25'15"8h16'24"25.8km/h58.9km/h136W428W160W7869952132
2022-Sept-26Alexandroupoli - Tekirdag159km1505m6h7'23"7h22'30"26km/h66.2km/h135W416W161W7874623980
2022-Sept-27Tekirdag - Istanbul138.6km1154m5h19'0"6h12'9"26.1km/h58.4km/h135W445W166W7879845913

And if you think that it's enough data to find any correlation, well, be my guest (limited linear fitting, if you want elephant-fitting you need to export the data).


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