Daniel & Jean-Claude Besse

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Twins from Ecublens, born on July 9th, 1992, we are practising triathlon and endurance sport since our very young age with the family. After some years on soccer, water-polo, athletics, and other activities, we take part in the very first triahtlon in Preverenges in 1999. Since 2004, triathlon is our dominant sport, and we count many different selections in regional and national teams. On short distance triathlon, our results portfolio includes one European championship participation, multiple national titles, and several continental cups or other professional competitions. In 2017, we shift our focus on long distance successfully with a sub-9 at our first ironman in Frankfurt and a Kona qualification for Daniel. Since 2018, we continue our progress on the full distance with a professional license, several other sub-9 and top-15 in the PRO category.

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Rushteam Ecublens Rushteam Ecublens is our triathlon club since the beginning, the twins in orange is how many people recognize us on race courses.
Since the creation of the Kids section in 2003 we have been taking to countless trainings and events, first with the youngests and slowly integrating the adult trainings.

TV Oerlikon In 2016, we moved to Zürich for our respective jobs and have joined the TV Oerlikon for our running trainings.


Sport Attitude Ecublens Sport Attitude. Our sport shop in Ecublens.
Jean-Gilles Talin, France champion on 800m in his Junior career, advises us on our material purchases: bike, running, ski, and others...
We have also trained with him for several years while being in Ecublens.

Besse Want to support us?
We are very open to all propositions. Our small sponsoring dossier is available for download here (spring 2020). Do not hesitate to contact us.